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With over 300 pages and posts on this site, readers may find items of interest in a variety of ways.

Home Page
• The Home page displays a short “Welcome” briefly describing the core subject matter of

Site Overview
How to Navigate This Site: This page should help readers navigate the menus at the top, bottom, and left side of the Home page.
The menu at the top of the Home Page shows links to: 1) Site Overview; 2) Table of Contents; 3) Questionnaires; 4) Model Documents; and 5) Home.
The menu at the bottom of the Home Page shows links to: 1) Disclaimer; 2) Mission Statement; 3) About the Editor; 4) Privacy Statement; 5) Terms of Use; and 6) Contact Us.
The menu to the right on the Home Page shows links to: 1) Articles of Interest that are the most popular; 2) Need Help With Terms? that link to the Glossary of legal terms; and 3) Categories with links to various kinds of documents available on this site.

Simple Truths: This page collects brief statements of law that many readers find surprising.

Glossary: Ninety-three legal terms that may not be familiar to all readers are defined in the Glossary. Readers may find these words and phrases by left clicking here or terms shown in red in the text of pages.

Table of Contents
This page provides an index of all pages available on this site organized by Category.

Questionnaires are tools developed by the editor for use by readers to make inquiry of one’s liability insurer and its lawyers about a liability insurer’s coverage position and about panel counsel’s ethics. This link directs readers to: 1) Coverage Questionnaire; 2) Ethical Compliance Questionnaire; 3) Why Send Questionnaires; 4) Questionnaire Case Studies; 5) Annotated versions of the Questionnaires; and 6) short versions of the Questionnaires for use when the insurer agrees to full coverage – “Yes”.

Legal Research Tools
Memoranda of Law: Most pages on this site are objective legal research works on a wide variety of subject, mostly about California law.

Model Litigation Forms: Litigators may link to forms of: 1) Contracts; 2) Discovery, including Interrogatories, Requests for Admission, Document Requests, and Deposition Outlines; and 3) Pleadings – all in Word, WordPerfect and pdf format to download and adapt.

Practice Pointers: These pages offer hints for how to implement the law from the editor.

Action Guides: These pages suggest concrete steps to develop admissible evidence about a liability insurer’s coverage position and its panel counsel’s ethical compliance.

Editorials: These few pages offer the editor’s subjective opinions.

Policy Contract: Almost all liability policies take a uniform structure that is explained in four parts, with examples of standard policy language.

Codes, Regulations, and Unpublished Opinions: The text of useful legal authorities may be found here.

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