Notice of Suit

USE NOTES: This Model Letter assumes that a policyholder has been sued and that the liability insurer has not yet been notified of the suit. It should be signed by the policyholder, as the contracting party to whom the insurer owes fiduciary-like duties. It should not be signed by independent counsel to whom the insurer owes no duties. This letter may be adapted to notify a liability insurer of a plaintiff’s lawsuit. Before sending the text below, delete everything above this line.





City, State Zip Code

Re:       &Plaintiff& v. &Client&

Policy No. ___

Dear &ClmAgt&:

Enclosed is a copy a complaint entitle &Plaintiff& v. &Client& that was served me on &Date&.

Please advise promptly that &InsCo& will defend and indemnify me in this lawsuit.


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