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Glossary defines terms that appear in red and that may be unfamiliar to some readers. Readers may hyperlink to and read a definition and then return to the text.

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• Questionnaires are forms by which policyholders may inquire about a liability insurer’s coverage positions and about dependent counsel’s ethical obligations.

Model Discovery is a popular tool for lawyers to download model forms of requests to produce documents, requests for admission, interrogatories, and deposition outlines.

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Categories: All materials provided here are organized by category. Substantive categories include:

Action Guides – explain how and why to use Model Documents.

Memoranda of Law are highly objective reports of substantive law (mostly from California), usually in the actual words of the courts, the legislature, and regulations.

Model Documents – provide drafts of model pleadings, discovery, letters, and contracts that readers may download in Word, WordPerfect or pdf to adapted as readers see fit. The Legend deciphers unique code words placed in model documents, which readers may use to customize a model document using the find and replace tool of a wordprocessor. For example, &InsCo& may be replaced with the name of a specific insurance company.

Practice Pointers – PP subjectively suggest ways to apply the substantive law stated in Memoranda of Law.

Regulations – state the text of selected portions of the California Code of Regulations.

Statutes – state the text of selected California statutes.


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Disclaimer states conditions that readers are required to accept to gain access to many materials by acknowledging that this site is an educational tool that does not dispense legal advise for any particular cases.

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Finding Guidance of Peculiar Interest

Readers who seek research applicable to a peculiar set of facts may click on the Top Ten Insurer Decisions. Readers may narrow a search for pertinent information by assessing what decisions an insurer has made. For example, insurance regulations require a liability insurer to “immediately respond to a notice of claim with a simple “Yes”, “No”, or “Maybe” that the insurer accepts full coverage (Yes), denies all coverage (No) or reserves its rights to later deny coverage (Maybe).

Writing Style

The vast majority of documents found here are short. Some complex concepts are not explained in the text of each article. Readers wishing to know more about an unfamiliar subject may click on red text for a Glossary, or click on red text in footnotes to hyperlink to another article to learn more about any given topic.


This website is not finished. Readers may occasionally hyperlink to material that has no substantive content – only an apology. Reader feedback is most welcome, including requests that such missing material be advanced on the publication schedule. Please contact us to advise of any perceived errors, no matter how small.

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