ethical imbroglio

When a plaintiff sues a defendant in a liability dispute, the defendant/policyholder has liability insurance where the insurer challenges coverage in a coverage contest, and the insurer appoints its dependent counsel to represent both the insurer and the policyholder, dependent counsel and the policyholder/client may engage in an ethical imbroglio, which is governed primarily by the Rules of Professional Conduct and may occupy as little as 30 days to resolve – the time allotted before counsel must respond to a summons and complaint. An ethical imbroglio may coordinate with two additional tussles: 1) the liability dispute between the plaintiff and the defendant, which is usually governed by tort law and may occupy as many as five years to resolve and; 2) the coverage contest between the policyholder/defendant and the liability insurer, which is governed primarily by contract law and may occupy as many as a second five year to resolve.

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